• October 2016

    Got a certificate so it must be true!! As many of you know, I have thoroughly enjoyed and recently completed a course of study with the awesome Michael Neill and all the amazing people he attracts to Supercoach Academy, both as teachers, mentors and students. Over the last 9 months I have deepened my understanding and appreciation of the 3Principles and am delighted to tell you that I am now a fully qualified Transformative Life Coach.

    In 2013 I came across the Three Principles and I knew I'd found the something that effectively I'd been looking for all my life. If that sounds grand and rather over-stated, well so be it - it also happens to be the truth as I see it. Despite all the self help, energy medicine, spiritual healing and body therapies that I tried and tested, (to friends and family: thank you for your patience) still the searching went on. What very slightly unnerved me about my father's wedding speech was his summary of all the things I'd 'had a go at' in my life - which to him was apparently a source of pride in my adventurous spirit and to me an exaggerated testament to all the things I'd tried and given up on, before moving on to the next thing that would be the answer - the something that would be one thing that would explain everything. I do know now that what ever form our searching takes, whether we take one or a variety of pathways to find what we're looking for, and how ever we describe the very thing we're looking for, often we're all looking in the wrong direction. We mistakenly look outwards. We think we'll find answers, or security, happiness, peace of mind, a sense of fulfilment, in careers, partners, property, or experiences. The Three Principles turned my head, I looked within and found everything I'd ever wanted!

    What was the everything? An understanding of where my experience comes from. The truth that we live moment by moment from the inside out. A surrendering of a need to know.. The endless potential for peace of mind, joy and love, no matter what. The expanse of compassion, forgiveness and love. The invitation to have fun, experience more, try stuff out, push myself beyond limiting believes about who I am. Knowing who I am. The end to fear, anxiety, stress… and a deep knowing that all is well. Well that certainly had a big impact on my life! .. and led me to Supercoach Academy 2016 which ended a month ago.. and now begins something else. Mia x