• February 2017

    What a great call we had yesterday with Michael Neill and students on his course 'Creating the Impossible". I asked for clarity or new thinking on the issue I seem to be having at the moment: being stuck on trying to get my new website up and running. It really struck me how tiny the suggestion was that Michael made to me, which amounted to: "err, if you're stuck on the website, how about you do something else!" I can't help but wonder how such a seemingly small thing can have had such a HUGE impact!! I'm suddenly doing all sorts of other things, and moving ahead nicely with the project I'm working on. Today I've been so delighted by this! - and for some reason it brought to mind the 'plank and speck of dust' parable. (?!) I used to think this was about Hypocrisy.. (I think it is.. remove that plank from your own eye, before you set about ridding dust from your neighbour's...or even about not Judging others.. anyway..) - today I saw another interpretation, that if you remove the tiniest speck of dust from your eye.. that plank looking thing, it doesn't look like a plank any more! Tiny shift in Thought/Thinking - Huge Obstacle disappears! Cool Mx