• March

    The course "Creating the Impossible" with Michael Neill is coming to an end.. it's been wonderful and of the many insights I've enjoyed during the last 90 days the one described below seems the most potent today - because I see that what I do and how I show up isn't just about a "good use" or the "right meaning of" my life..(who knew!) but the inter-play between lives.. and this metaphor occurred to me about creativity and inspiration and why we are deeply pulled to be express our true selves - not so much for the peace it can bring to us, but the gift it can bring to others. Because today Creativity seems like a game of "Pass the Parcel"... which starts when, (after all the children have settled down in a circle), apparently from nowhere a massive parcel descends into the space - the creative idea from out of the blue? Around and around the hidden treasure moves from one child to the next, as the music plays and until it stops when one lucky small person takes a layer of paper off - (sometimes there's a sweet too!) The flow of creativity: a landscape inspires the painting in the gallery - inspires the poem in the book. The flower inspires the photograph, the music inspires the dance, an entrepreneurial idea that changes lives, a story that inspires a speech, a speech that changes history - and on it goes - a perfect flow of ideas and experience from one human manifestation of creativity to an other - the birth of a new being changing the whole world. From nothing, something and on it goes seemingly having a life of it's own... In the silence, for a few brief moments, all eyes turn to one person and they have the "ta dah" moment - look what I did! There's really nothing much to do in the circle but be present to where the parcel is - it makes me smile when one child loses focus and all the other children are shouting at them because the parcel's right there and they are looking in the other direction! - unaware of the constant nudge from their neighbour saying "it's you, it's your turn, take it!" No one knows when music will stop and for who, but that's all part of the fun. I've noticed not many parents get too hung up about the children that leave and rejoin the circle - it doesn't much matter but if you want to be in with a chance of feeling the delight of all eyes on you as you unwrap something potentially marvellous - you have to be in the game! And if you're in the game and you're not too bothered about when you'll get to unwrap something delightful, or what size or shape it might take - it's usually fun! So creativity - you just have to show up, listen to the music of life, face the right direction and keep your hands open! I'm thinking there might be an endless game of pass the parcel going on all around us, all the time.. how cool is that!! Mx