• August

    I was just leaving the house when I noticed I didn't have my phone... And in a brief moment I thought "No, leave it there charging up, I'd love to be with out it for a while." I didn't want to keep checking for an email that I consider to be late, or for message I want but haven't got yet, or re-reading a message I did get but don't like! I don't want to check for a new view or a like or share on one of my FB pages that I use to promote myself or the endless chatter therein. "Leave it there I don't need it", I thought and then I remembered I did! I need it in case my husband or daughter calls, and as a time piece; it's my clock telling me when to stop being where I'm being so I can go be some place else.. so it seems I do need it. And there it was - a metaphor for thought .. the creative energy through which we experience our lives. Really useful.. except if I start using it as a distraction from the truth of who I am. Then, it does not tend to bring me the joy I appear to be looking for. Obsessively looking at thought, analyzing, digging at it, identifying with it, fixing it - with more thinking - (like scrawling through different apps on my phone for validation or reassurance) It never works! It's simply not the correct use of this creative gift. When I know I'm the Thinker, from the Space within.. I'm aware of thinking but not caught up in thoughts. Thoughts pass through - just bringing me my moment to moment experience of life.. moment by moment by moment. New thoughts come through and the space seems to expand and I experience a flow; an aliveness, in tune with the present moment. I hear fresh new thought and it sounds different.. Ping! Wisdom somehow coming through, Wisdom in the moment; "No Mia take your phone you need it in case your daughter calls." And she does.. just as I've parked the car, and am holding my phone to check the time and set my alarm so I'll know how long I have until I need to be some place else.. and she calls because she needs me to go be some place else - Now. So I go and pick her up and we hang out! Not what I expected - thank goodness I had my phone with me - bringing me this moment!