• January 2017

    I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar with Michael Neill today on the new programme "Going Deeper". As part of our reflections Michael asked how much of the time we look outwards for spiritual nourishment and insights and how often we take a reflective look inwards. It was an interesting question to pose. During the morning of the following day my husband and I had a small argument.. it was nothing serious but I huffed and puffed up stairs and, feeling angry at him, and then our relationship.. I thought "I really must read the relationship handbook again." [A Three Principles based relationship book by George Pransky.] And then I saw it! There in the moment - I went looking 'outside' for what might be useful to help me see things differently, instead of looking within. Seeing that was very liberating because almost instantly, on reflecting that I didn't have to look outside for wisdom or clarity, an insight (about how I'd been relating to my husband) occurred to me. All good so far. Then I saw that not only does looking outside for these kind of insights undermine reliance on my own wisdom it also burdens me with extra jobs. For now I have to add 'read relationship handbook.' to my to-do list! Time, seeming rather elusive, means of course I won't and then I have something else to be annoyed by myself about.. not only the argument with my husband, (that apparently only George Pransky can fix), but also "I'm rubbish because I never get my to-do list done"! So this is excellent news, I get to see things from my own wisdom and there's potentially less work to do! Then I saw that if it hadn't been for this conversation and the question Michael asked us, that that thought would not have been flagged up. It would have sounded reasonable to me, and I'd have gone down the same old route as I always take.. which led to me feel deep gratitude for this course and the question, and which ultimately leads me to conclude that it is only when we are in deep and lively connection with others that we can truly nurture ourselves.. (Like plants growing in a garden instead of lonely and isolated in an old terracotta pot!) Conversations; questions and reflections with others is like creating a beautiful garden where we can all grow! Mia x